Philip Arena


  Assistant Professor. International Politics
  Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
  Email: parena@buffalo.edu
  Phone: 716-645-8444
  Office: 507 Park Hall

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Areas of Teaching and Research Interest:

Domestic Forces in International Relations, American Foreign Policy, Conflict Processes, IR Theory, Bargaining Theory, Formal Theory, Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models.

Courses Taught:

PSC 102 - Intro to International Politics

PSC 326 - War and International Security

PSC 335 - American Foreign Policy


Current Research:

Bargaining models of war, domestic politics and international conflict.

Brief Bio:

Philip Arena is an Assistant Professor in International Politics. He joined the department in the fall of 2008. Professor Arena studies international conflict, focusing particularly on bargaining models of war and the links between domestic politics and international relations. His work has been published in International Studies Quarterly, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Conflict Management and Peace Science, and has been funded by the National Science Foundation.

Selected Recent Research:

"Arms, Intelligence and War," International Studies Quarterly. Forthcoming. (With Scott Wolford)

“Why Not Guns And Butter: Responses to Economic Turmoil." Foreign Policy Analysis. v.6 n.4 (2010): 339 - 348.

"Politics or the Economy? Domestic Correlates of Dispute Involvement in Parliamentary Systems." International Studies Quarterly. v.53 n.4 (December 2009): 955 - 975. (With Glenn Palmer)

"Success Breeds Success?: War Outcomes, Domestic Opposition, and Elections."  2008.  Conflict Management and Peace Science, v. 25 n.2 (June 2008): 136-151.